CATERING & Private Chef Services

Private Chef Services – While in the Los Cabos area, take the opportunity to enjoy some of the area’s finest World Class Restaurants.  If however, you would prefer a more intimate dining experience in your Villa, we offer “Drop-Off” ready to eat options, and both Chef serviced “Pre-Set Menus” and “Custom Menus”, whether it’s Family-Style, Buffet or Plated.  Our Chefs are able to meet and exceed your expectations.  For a true dining experience, inquire about our Six and Eight Course Tasting Menus in the cuisine of your choice offered by Chef Rusty.

We specialize in several cuisines, such as:

American Southern Comfort






For a more relaxed Family Style Experience, we provide both prepared and par-cooked food items, focusing on the use of organic, non-gmo and fine imported ingredients, to include:

Canapes & Hors D’oeuvres to greet you upon arrival to your vacation rental or for an intimate or special gathering of family and friends

Chef Prepared Take Away items, both refrigerated and frozen meals, savory and sweet sauces, make meal prep fast and easy with minimal effort on your part while adding flair to your meals

Organic Homemade Stocks, Broths, Glaces, and Demi-glaces to add a depth of flavor to your favorite recipe

Organic Frozen Artisan Treats such as ice creams, gelato and sorbets will help put a smile on your face

Organic Juicing & Smoothie Kits, sold in 1 liter containers containing approximately ½ pound of ingredients.  Just add a liquid base (milk, almond milk, coconut water, etc), filling to the top, then dump contents into a blender, blend, and pour back into the container or individual serving glasses.  Enough for 2 servings, can be refrigerated for later use. 

Meal-Kits provide the time-saving convenience, of not having to shop, and stock specialty seasonings and spices to explore new recipes. From the kitchen newbies who want to cook for themselves and hope to learn culinary skills via meal kits, to the seasoned chef, Meal-Kit delivery services can introduce you to a whole new repertoire of menu possibilities.